Ben Lamb


Meet Ben Lamb – Director, Head of Podiatry

Who are you and what is your role at HSC?

I am one of the clinical directors and head of Podiatry at HSC. My role is that of principle podiatrist and ensuring that everybody who visits our clinic gets care of the highest possible standard.

What do you like?

I like being busy. Busy at work, and at home with my family, playing sport and learning new skills that help me deliver exceptional care to our clients.

What are you passionate about in the business?

I love getting results. That means ensuring everybody who visits us gets great care and we get them fixed and back to doing what they enjoy quicker, more efficiently and with less fuss. To do this I work tirelessly in all areas of the business. I am passionate about Podiatry. I strongly believe that the profession has a lot to offer to people who suffer foot and leg pain. This is reflected by my current role as chairman of Podiatry New Zealand, our professional representative body.

Three things that represent you.

Caffeine, anything physical (martial arts, running, gym and cycling), fun with my family (wife Sarah, two kids Josh and Maddy).

Do you have any areas of speciality?

Yes, my primary focus is around biomechanics, sports injury and orthotic therapy. I am the director of Footmed Orthotics, a commercial orthotics laboratory that manufactures orthotics for podiatrists. This affords me not only the opportunity to deal with clients of the clinic directly, but also work through the actual manufacture process of their orthoses. Im also trained as a podiatric surgeon, affiliated through the Ohio College of Podiatric Surgery. Another area of great interest for me is working in my role as national clinical director of Fit Feet for Special Olympics.