Children’s Feet

Podiatry Medical Physiotherapy

Walking and running patterns represent a common parental concern. Some of these concerns are normal growing trends, whilst others are not. It is important that foot and walking problems are well assessed and diagnosed and that treatment is based upon the best clinical evidence available.

Kids are not just small versions of adults. They have specific growth-related issues that often require unique solutions.

At Health and Sport Central, we love treating kids. We do this in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment.

Some of the more common concerns you may have include

  1. In-toeing
  2. Severs (Heel Pain)
  3. Arch pain
  4. Knock-knees
  5. Curly toes
  6. Sore feet or legs
  7. Tripping
  8. Footwear selection
  9. Leg pain at night
  10. Verrucae
  11. Flat feet
  12. Running style
  13. Sports injuries