Full Medicals

Podiatry Medical Physiotherapy

Our full Medicals are available to our regular patients and for anybody, male or female, who want a thorough full check up. They start with a full medical and family history and include an ECG (heart check), spirometry (lungs), audiogram (hearing), and a urine test as well as a full set of bloods done prior to the consultation with the doctor.

The physical exam checks joints, skin, abdomen, lungs and eyes and for men includes a testicle examination and a prostate check, if appropriate. Any sexual and mental health issues are discussed in total confidence.

For women, our nurses offer in addition to the medical, breast exams, smears and other tests as needed.

For all, the process ends with a discussion of health risks, lifestyle and other changes that can improve future health. Any immunisation needs are updated and advice, if needed, can be offered on diet and exercise. Smoking cessation advice and aids are available and alcohol intake and its risks discussed honestly.

Full medicals are advised as a one off under the age of 40 and then, as a regular check, every two or three years. They take one and a half hours in total.

The full medical is a great time to review your health and often acts as a trigger for positive life changes.

Sometimes, further checks can be discussed such as bowel cancer screening by FOB (faecal occult blood) testing or by colonoscopy, or in those with cardiac risk, a stress ECG may be arranged or it can be done as part of the full medical. Other tests such as bone density monitoring, mammography referral and mole mapping can be discussed and arranged as appropriate.

With much illness and disease now preventable, it makes sense to do what you can to avoid ill health and improve well being. Our full medical does it all.

Dive Medicals

We are experienced and certified to provide both recreational and professional dive medicals.