Holly McIntosh

Meet Holly McIntosh – Physiotherapist

Who are you and what is your role at HSC?

I am a physiotherapist here and my roles is to assess any injuries you may have, and rehabilitate them fast and effectively.

What do you like?

I like anything physical and have participated in a range of different sports. Currently I enjoy going to the gym, running and getting outdoors. I also love to travel, and have recently returned from backpacking around South America.

What are you passionate about in the business?

Providing a high-quality standard of care – combining manual and exercise therapy to get my patients back to full function, and to reduce their risk of injury.

Three things that represent you.

Travel, family, friends.

Do you have any areas of specialty?

I am currently working towards completing my post-graduate diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine. I have experience working with teams and a keen interest in any sports injuries.