Jeremy McTear


Meet Jeremy McTear-Physiotherapist

Who are you and what is your role at HSC?

My name is Jeremy McTear and I am a physiotherapist and Co-Director of Physiotherapy. I have been a physiotherapist since 1995 – graduating from Otago University. Prior to working at Health and Sport I have worked in a broad variety of physiotherapy roles including with professional rugby teams, running a clinic in Central London and Private Practices here in New Zealand and the UK.

What do you like?

Exercise and activity are big motivators for what I like to achieve at work and outside of work time. I keep busy with my wife and three sons; occasionally hit the gym and cycling as much as possible.

What are you passionate about in the business?

I am passionate about exercise / activity and the huge number of associated health benefits.  In a traditional sense we thought of exercise as benefiting muscles, heart and lungs – but now health researchers are demonstrating the importance in diabetes management, bone health, reducing the risk of many types of cancer, and helping in maintaining or achieving good mental health. If exercise were a pill it would dominate the market!

Three things that represent you.

My family, the gym and anything without a screen on it (after saying that I still use them way too much)

Do you have any areas of speciality?

My background is in Sports Medicine and in particular Rugby and Netball Injuries. I use a lot of hands on treatments including joint manipulation, manual therapy and acupuncture as well as exercise prescription. Much like all the staff at Health and Sport Central, we love a challenge.