Victoria Kidd

Meet Victoria Kidd – Massage Therapist

Who are you and what is your role at HSC?

Hi, I am Vic Kidd, the massage and craniosacral therapist here. I have been practicing since 2001.

What do you like?

I enjoy catching up with friends and spending time with my beautiful daughter. I love heading up the hills or into the bush for a few days. Getting a massage to relax my sore muscles!!

What are you passionate about in the business?

I am passionate about the body. Working with people to achieve a pain-free body so they can get out and enjoy life!

Three things that represent you.

Listening to 80’s rock music, sleeping in on Sundays with a coffee and a book, jeans and funky footwear.

Do you have any areas of specialty?

I specialise in sports; I have been working with Canterbury Rugby since 2002; postural imbalances; headaches; back and neck pain.