Podiatry Overview

"Our primary goal is to get your concern fixed quickly and effectively providing the highest quality care available"

Health and Sport Central sets the benchmark in providing the highest quality Podiatric care available in New Zealand. Our highly experienced Christchurch Podiatrists are experts in evaluating, diagnosing and treating foot, ankle and lower limb problems. We provide this service in a modern, friendly and professional environment.

We take pride in offering some of the most comprehensive and diverse podiatric care available. Whether your concern is foot or knee pain, injury management, running technique assessment, footwear advice or care of nails, corns or blisters, we offer it all, including in-house Podiatric Surgery.

Every person, their pain, injury or concerns are individual - our management of your concerns is truly unique, offering a tailor-made management to ensure that you can get back to doing the activities you love. Our podiatrist team in Christchurch pride themselves on being knowledgeable and able to cater to your specific needs.
Podiatry Medical Physiotherapy

9 Reasons To Call Us Today - Phone 366 0088

  1. We are the Orthotic Specialists
  2. We are highly qualified, experienced practitioners
  3. We take the time to understand your problem
  4. We have unbeatable experience in injury management
  5. Your needs are matched with the correct footwear for you
  6. You get the best results because we work closely with a number of respected medical professionals
  7. Central location in a modern clinic with plenty of parking
  8. Unparalleled expertise in podiatric surgery
  9. ACC provider