Sarah Duncan


Meet Sarah Duncan- Senior Podiatrist

Who are you and what is your role at HSC?

As a podiatrist at Health and Sport Central, I see all types of patients regarding problems with feet, but also ankles, knees, hips and even back pain. I am passionate about working to get you back up and doing what you love, without pain. I always try to provide you with information on your problem and support to get you comfortable. I also feel education is important, so you understand why your problem has happened, and to help prevent it recurring.

What do you like?

I am keen on all sports and will give just about anything a go. I had a long history of netball, but in the past few years I have focused more on cycling and running, finishing the Lake Wanaka half ironman twice, as well as a few half and full marathons. I also occasionally enjoy the gym! Outside of sports, I love good food, good shopping and spending time with family – particularly my husband and baby boy.

What are you passionate about in the business?

Working within an integrated team to get the best results for my patients. I love following up with patients to find you are back doing something you love, which an injury was holding you back from.

Three things that represent you.

Coffee, being the do-er, and sport.

Do you have any areas of speciality?

Being a sports woman myself, sports injury management is my main podiatric interest. I particularly enjoy working with runners, as I understand how frustrating these injuries can be. Orthotics are an aspect of podiatry that I really enjoy, augmented by the fact we run our own manufacturing laboratory right here in Christchurch.