Drills help us attain and cement good form - improving efficiency and assisting in injury prevention

There is no perfect running technique. However drills can assist with improving efficiency, speed and reducing the likelihood of injury. “Drills help model and explain important parts of good technique”. 

Drills used in isolation are ineffectual. In conjunction with strength training, good footwear and correct training, they can assist in better efficiency, loading patterns etc. You must understand why you are doing a drill to get the most benefit – discuss with your podiatrist otherwise you risk becoming an expert in running drills without transference to your training.

Following your comprehensive running assessment your podiatric biomechanist may prescribe you specific drills to assist certain aspects of your running technique. There are numerous drills available. Not all drills are for all. To ensure you are doing the correct one your podiatric biomechanist has supplied you with password protected access.

Prescribed drills can be used before a run for dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises.