Travel Vaccinations

Podiatry Medical Physiotherapy

Going on holiday is always a great experience seeing new sceneries and cultures, trying new food and experiencing things youd never get to otherwise. To make sure your holiday goes as you plan, get your vaccinations as part of your preparations. Even if you are going back home, you need to make sure you are covered.

Prescription of travel vaccines requires an appointment with our doctor, in order for them to prescribe you the necessary ones essential for your destination. We do hold most vaccines on site, so you are likely to be able to receive the vaccine following your appointment. Appointments should be made as soon as you plan your holiday, as some vaccines require several doses.

Vaccinations we are able to access are:

  • Adult Diphtheria/Tetanus
  • Polio IPV
  • Hepatitis A Adult
  • Hepatitis A Child Hepatitis B
  • Twinrix (A/B) Adult
  • Twinrix (A/B) Child
  • Typhoid Injection
  • Meningitis ACWY Polysacc
  • Menactra ACWY Conjugate
  • Oral Cholera (Dukoral)
  • Pneumococcal
  • Influenza
  • Chicken Pox